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El Portal del Arte y del Diseño


Lineagris.com members are all the design creators (architectonic, graphical, of interiors, fashion and any kind of material), suppliers of the area and design students who can contribute for Lineagris.com to become a site where Central American designers can develop their work and be found by people who are looking for them.   


If you are a Central American design creative, Lineagris.con  will let you to:

• Have your own Internet page in the website Lineagris.com with your logo, contact information, work details, a text space containing up to 150 words, and the space for a maximum  of six high-quality photos.

• Possibility for the site personalization and update with the designers of Lineagris.com.

• Your own email, and if you require you can have two more addresses.

• Opportunity to exhibit in the Lineagris activities.

• Option to create networks using Lineagris.com.

• Entertainment and businees consulting on line.

• Free bulletin sent by email containing information about the design area, business, etc.

• Opportunity to exhibit between thousands of people that visit the site monthly.

Payment issues
• An annual payment of $100 (cash or using credit card)
•Two $55 semester payments (one against company/signature of contract and other when fulfilling 6 months)
•Twelve $12 monthly payments every month by means of previous credit card authorization.

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LineaGris.com is Costa Rican most modern and updated "Art and Design Site." Lineagris.com offers a quick and effective search to thousands of people seeking for artists, designers, design ideas and news.

Thousands of Costa Ricans are connected daily to Internet, and LineaGris.com is the media that connects hundreds of people with common goals.

The public that visits daily Lineagris.com is conformed by:

Our members: Students, professionals and companies looking for entertaiment, activities, work exposure, fame, and update.

Our visits:
People who is looking for information, work, art activities, entertainment, buying objects and contact the best professionals in the art and design area.

Become a part of Lineagris.com and ask for information related to advertisement prices in banners and strategic alliances. Lineagris.com is the best website with the best prices.

Size: 360 pixels x 60 pixels

Advertisment rates for Lineagris.com (banners)
Ads (2 months)

• 1 banner on Main Page + 12 other site pages: $264
• 1 banner on member pages (almost 40): $360
• Monthly bulletin containing a link to the client website: $100 per bulletin.

• Applying a 25% discount on annual rates.